Meet the Artista

I was born in Brooklyn, NY but raised all over the world due to my father’s military service. I have always had a love for makeup and started practicing on my girlfriends in high school but after the death of my father, I was forced to grow up fast. At the age of 19, I decided to move out on my own and enter the military. I am currently a member of the United States Air Force (USAF).  Despite the high demands of military life, I held on to my dream of becoming a makeup artist, often doing jobs for free just to gain experience. I entered the USAF as an Airman Basic (E-1) and my low income at that time did not allow enough to afford the high-end products for my kit. Not to mention, department store brands did not hold up to my expectations. So, I asked my mother for support, got a loan, and began what is now known as INK…Cosmetics.

With seventeen years of experience and hard work, launching my cosmetic line has become a reality. I am honestly blessed! I was signed on to modeling agencies as lead makeup artist and have been paired with wonderful photographers who have helped me grow as an artist and allowed me to be creative with every shoot. I have worked with several designers and was given the opportunity to do makeup on a TV promo for designer Mark Eisen. My work was featured in Latina Magazine and I was hired as a hair and makeup artist on the Houston Texans Cheerleading Calendar. I also have experience with pageants, weddings, and print. Other projects include work in Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model, Red Bull, ZINK Magazine, DC Life Magazine, AMUZE Magazine, Wounded Warrior Project, Boys and Girls Club, local ads and newspapers, Avant Modeling Agencies Calendar, and I continue to do makeup for New York Fashion Week and VH1 Glam God Winner and NY Fashion Designer/Stylist Indashio.

After getting my Esthetician License, I decided it was time to show America what I had to offer, so I am launching my line and signed on other Makeup Artists and Stylists in various cities to represent my company and brand. Our philosophy is to help everyone achieve their beauty goals and make them feel fabulous in every way. We welcome you to experience our definition of “true” beauty by getting INK…d! So, “stop being cute; INK… it up, be gorgeous, live your destiny, and cultivate your creativity!”

About our new blog launch of INK… inside out:  Many of you who know me personally know that I have built my business from the ground up…I have lived and learned and hoped to grow in areas of my work, love and life relationships. This year has been more than difficult and I can thank God that through prayer and faith I have overcome some serious obstacles. Some of which I will not share with the world. Now, all my life I have strived to be the best mother possible for my little girl, a wonderful and devoted companion, great investigator and successful businesswoman. I am grateful I have been blessed to have the strength to maintain it all! With that said, in all my 25 years (YUP! 25 forever) I think I have done pretty damn good. With my business growing (thanks to our interns and artists) and personal life changing I have decided to re-launch my blog. The past few months I have been working with new and young creative fashion, beauty and lifestyle interns who have recently flooded my mind with an ocean of creative thoughts and ideas. As far as I can remember I have used social media to assist in aiding others to better themselves and in turn helping me in some cliché way. Our new blog called: INK… inside out, is just that. I would say a lifestyle blog geared to share all things that we think are beautiful. Talking about beauty, fashion, decor, food, love, relationships, motherhood and even a men’s corner ran by one of our stylish and classy interns with a female perspective by yours truly. I hope you all will join us on May 1st, 2013 for our new chapter and we look forward to hearing from you, taking suggestions and any encouraging words. Bless you all for your continued support of me, my family and @inkcosmetics.

XOXO Besos,

Anna Castillo

Owner/Make-up Artist of

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